Hospitality Driven by Data

Centralize data and visualize key performance metrics across your hotel portfolio

Hotel Document Management​

Budgeting & Forecasting

Hospitality Business Intelligence

Key Benefits


Modernize your business with paperless solutions


Improve real-time access to documents and reports


Centralize cross-functional data across your portfolio


Review metrics, make changes and customize views


Provide dazzling effects with intuitive visualization tools

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Hospitality Data Resources

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Company News: MDO Announces Acquisition of HelloGM

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Hospitality Industry Educational Resources

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About MDO

MDO’s hospitality data platform empowers hoteliers to centralize data and visualize key performance metrics across their entire portfolio.

Cloud-based digital document management tool allows hoteliers to adopt a paperless night audit process while automating file sharing and reporting workflows. Advanced business intelligence tools allow hoteliers to centralize portfolio data and execute data-driven profit optimization strategies.