Building a Better Hospitality Back Office

It’s been a fun and exciting year building efficiencies in the hospitality back office, streamlining processes and eliminating manual efforts. In the last 12 months, our team has grown, our solutions have packed in more features, and our services are now being used by over 300 hotels across the country (growing each week). Each day, we’re saving our clients time, money and resources.

Our biggest hospitality back office achievements

  1. myPerspective, our cloud- based dashboard reporting tool, automatically generates daily flash report for hotel properties, irrespective of the property management system. General Managers can now spend time focusing on the property, and corporate can get reporting figures any time. Owners and Management groups now have one place where they can get performance statistics on their properties and compare metrics to prior period and budgets. myPerspective can report your weekly and monthly STR data and present it in a dashboard view, too.
  2. Paperless Night Audit, a technology-based solution that is cheaper than renting outside storage or occupying potential revenue-generating space at your property. Sustainability and environmental awareness is critical, and green initiatives are as important in the back office as they are for the guest hotel rooms, housekeeping and other hotel sources of natural resource consumption. Goodbye to the days of printing paper, only to store it away for seven (ugh!) years. Your reports for every property are centralized and accessible in at any time. Additionally, e-signatures allow your teams to review and sign off their reports and document level security grants access to only those who need them.

It’s now January 2018 and myDigitalOffice looks to continue our miossion for a better back office across the hospitality industry! Take a look at what we’ve been up to!

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