First Call Hospitality

For us to go paperless, the change management process had to happen, and the COVID pandemic became a real catalyst. Once COVID hit, we didn’t have any problems getting GMs to adopt the Paperless Night Audit process.

McNeill Hotel Company

We have centralized so much. Pre-COVID, we moved Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable off property and into the central office. We want our managers to do more than just sit and do paperwork,” says Travis Murray, President of McNeill. “But COVID kicked it into gear. GMs were doing everything, including checking in guests, and they just didn’t have the time to be building and running reports. Meanwhile, we didn’t slow down in the corporate office.

Insignia Hospitality Group

We’re taking away a lot of responsibilities that used to be a general manager’s responsibility, and we’ve brought it into the administrative level at the corporate office,” Bhakta says. “We’re able to get all our administrative work started in the morning. The KPIs are populated, and you can see monthly trends easily on the dashboard.

Commonwealth Hotels

I don’t think anyone had achieved the level of data analysis we were looking for,” Fry shared. “I wanted a crystal ball. I wanted to be able to predict the future and apply artificial intelligence to the questions that would elevate our business.

Hotel Equities

Our performance is significantly enhanced when we invest in and provide our associates with real-time data, powered by innovation and technology. The MDO platform is a game-changer that makes us better overnight.

Dimension Development

97% forecast accuracy provides hotel investors with a level of confidence and trust unheard of at other management companies. With this level of accuracy, we are empowered to be extremely aggressive with our decision-making. This is how Dimension is able to own the rebound.