Dimension Development

by Matthew Schupbach / Head of Analytics - Dimension Development

The Problem

Dimension Development’s success is rooted in its technology-focused business and processes that have expanded with its climbing number of managed properties. Dimension has implemented numerous timesaving technology solutions, but one critical tool in dimension’s arsenal is its robust budgeting and forecasting capabilities found in myPlan from my DigitalOffice.

97% forecast accuracy provides hotel investors with a level of confidence and trust unheard of at other management companies. With this level of accuracy, we are empowered to be extremely aggressive with our decision-making. This is how Dimension is able to own the rebound.

Matthew Schupbach, Head of Analytics – Dimension Development

The Solution

myPlan takes the struggle out of using multiple spreadsheets and moves the budget and forecast process to a web-based application providing security, standardization, and data integrity. The budget &forecast plans are managed collaboratively across departments as well as between the property and corporate office.

Through the use of Broadvine’s Planning application, Dimension is able to manage complex revenue segmentation, leverage driver-based expenses, and protects items from inadvertent revisions and incorrect manual calculations. Broadvine’s tools allow Dimension to accurately budget and forecast, eliminating surprises when the monthly financial report is delivered.

By calculating, knowing, and communicating in advance, a win-win scenario emerges where both the owner and operator of the portfolio are satisfied. The Broadvine software was crafted and perfected by dedicated industry experts. These experts have a deep understanding of what the hospitality business entails, which is why Dimension has trusted Broadvine for over 6 years and why Dimension continues to be an award-winning and top-tier hotel management group, year after year. An accurate forecast allows Dimension to get in front of upside potential and have its finger on the pulse of what is coming next to proactively make changes and adapt. Over the course of this partnership, Dimension has grown its portfolio from 50 to over 80 hotels, and Broadvine has scaled with its growing team to continue to meet its ever-evolving needs.

Why MDO?


Eliminate spreadsheet basedbudgeting & forecasting

Manage & collaborate B&Fplans across departments

Continue to scale portfolioand utilize scalable tech


Accurate budgeting &forecasting

Improve visibility intoportfolio

Stay in front of upsidepotential

The Payoff

Our first Shiny app was a tool allowing managers to evaluate different scenarios and plan their budgets for the next year. The launch of the tool achieved our goals, and resulted in really impressed users: where they were accustomed to a tool giving them limited feedback and taking minutes to open they could now move fast, launching the Shiny app in seconds, and iterating through scenarios and making their plans in minutes!

This initial payoff was swift and would have been a large win itself, but having RStudio Connect available to the analytics team allowed us to solve other problems we never anticipated. Now, the RStudio data science platform is a Swiss army knife we use for many things. A Shiny app has still proven to be the best solution for us when a spreadsheet model gets out-of-hand with complexity. We’ve also built tools to help some teams manage their day-to-day workflow, as well as tools that help managers run their markets week to week. When use cases outgrew what a Google Map or FusionTable could handle, we built Leaflet-based apps to help multiple groups of users be more efficient with custom features.

About Dimension Development

Dimension Development Company is one of North America’s top 10 management companies.  We develop, acquire and manage the successful resort, full-service, all-suite, and focus-service hotels. From small-town Louisiana roots, we’ve built a large and growing national presence and created winning projects in markets throughout the country.

Partnering with major brands like Hilton, Marriott, IHG, and Hyatt, we strive to recruit and retain great associates who are passionate about serving our guests and growing our business. And we work hard to measure our progress and improve everything we do, every day. As we continue to expand our national footprint, we’re driving revenue in new ways, including developing new restaurant concepts and delivering innovative catering and in-room dining experiences.

Our e-commerce and revenue management team are industry leaders in brand proficiency. Our multi-faceted approach to growing and managing revenue has resulted in our assets consistently achieving the highest share in their markets. Building on the momentum we’ve established nationwide, we look forward to achieving even greater levels of success for our people and partners.