Webinar Recap: 3 Things You Need to Know About Going Paperless

As a hotel owner or operator, there are numerous struggles with the outdated practice of printing night audit reports. These reports are causing your hotels to print hundreds, or even thousands, of documents each night. This process is not only inefficient but also harmful to the environment. After the night audit reports are printed, they […]

Protecting Your Data with Digital Document Management

MDO data security

For various reasons, hotel companies are compelled and required to keep an incredible amount of records about their daily business operations. The night audit pack alone – which includes daily documents such as a Transactions Report, Financial Report, Tax Report, Revenue Report, Departures Report, etc. – can be hundreds of pages.  Federal and state tax […]

Hotel Data Strategy: The First Step is Admitting There’s a Problem

cloud data management

To best understand where the hospitality industry stands in terms of its adoption of digital tools and cloud-based solutions, it’s important to step back and look quickly at the big picture. First, as far away as it seems, remember that the internet itself wasn’t a widely popular tool until about 20 years ago. But it […]

Making sense of Hospitality Big Data

How the industry molds the vast stores of data into useable content for customer outreach Many hospitality companies are using big data today to understand trends and obtain additional customers. In addition, many more hospitality companies want to comprehend the value of obtaining big data or correlating big data with data from their own systems. For […]

Your Roadmap for Going Green

Key environmental strategies for hospitality companies Today’s top-rated hotel is not only accommodating and well-staffed—it’s also green. As customers have become increasingly environment-conscious, hotels are following suit by integrating various sustainability measures. Hospitality executives should know that going green will not only attract customers; sustainability initiatives often eliminate waste and generate cost savings. Of course, […]

Effectively Manage your Portfolio with Smarter Tech

Hotel Performance Management​ The last several years have seen smart technology become more and more pervasive across the board, and now with Covid-19, we’ve seen a faster adoption by businesses than ever before. The hospitality industry is no exception, and as people are itching to have experiences outside the home, hoteliers have the perfect opportunity […]

Optimizing Hotel Inventory: During and After the Crisis

There has never been a more critical time for hotels to ensure they are utilizing their spaces,  bringing in revenue in unique ways and helping the hospitality industry at large in any way they can. In this blog, we’ll explore a few unique ways to maximize the use of all the space you have in […]