The Green Hotelier

Sustainability initiatives aimed at reducing water and energy, as well as increasing recycling rates, are more crucial to the hospitality industry than ever before. Sustainability is what guests are looking for, what owners are looking for and what developers are looking for. Small changes create exponential impact from our local communities to the global stage. April […]

Top Benefits of Accounts Payable Automation

Despite the movement to accounts payable automation by way of digital transaction systems, the invoice is still the primary source for payments. And while the shift towards electronic invoices through the form of PDFs has grown significantly, companies are still missing the true benefits of invoice capture through optical character recognition (OCR), workflow and accounts payable […]

Building a Better Hospitality Back Office

It’s been a fun and exciting year building efficiencies in the hospitality back office, streamlining processes and eliminating manual efforts. In the last 12 months, our team has grown, our solutions have packed in more features, and our services are now being used by over 300 hotels across the country (growing each week). Each day, […]