Protecting Your Data with Digital Document Management

MDO data security

For various reasons, hotel companies are compelled and required to keep an incredible amount of records about their daily business operations. The night audit pack alone – which includes daily documents such as a Transactions Report, Financial Report, Tax Report, Revenue Report, Departures Report, etc. – can be hundreds of pages.  Federal and state tax […]

Hotel Data Strategy: The First Step is Admitting There’s a Problem

cloud data management

To best understand where the hospitality industry stands in terms of its adoption of digital tools and cloud-based solutions, it’s important to step back and look quickly at the big picture. First, as far away as it seems, remember that the internet itself wasn’t a widely popular tool until about 20 years ago. But it […]

On Providing Better Service

Better serve your guests and market When hoteliers meet the needs of the market in these times, everyone is happier. While every business has an end goal of revenue or profit, guest experience is just as important for hoteliers. Guests have the valuable power of referring other guests, and positive referrals are one of the […]

Automation Matters

Hoteliers Need to Harness the Power of AI and Automation We are in a new unprecedented time where we’ve seen hotels close temporarily or manage with limited staff. While industry experts acknowledge that the hospitality industry will have a slow but steady recovery, doing more with less has become critical to survival. But how can […]

5 Tips for modern hoteliers

What every successful hospitality professional needs to know You might remember when electronic property management systems and online hotel reservations were new, edgy concepts. Who knew that responsive digital platforms would become a must-have for managing every aspect of your hospitality business? But if you think the primary tools your hotel management needs today are a great PMS, […]

MAPP Data: Christmas & New Year’s Eve

A few short weeks after millions of travelers headed out for Thanksgiving, the omicron variant continues to emerge as many more travelers and hoteliers plan for Christmas and New Year’s. The upcoming travel boom is worrying public health officials and the emerging variant is complicating travel plans for some. However, so far, the variant isn’t […]

MAPP Data: Thanksgiving

The holiday season is in full swing in the US and after two years of lockdowns and uncertainty, many Americans resumed their ‘normal’ holiday travel and booked a flight or packed up the car to spend the holiday with their friends and families. Many airlines logged their busiest days since 2019 and early 2020 over […]