Coping with COVID-19

I still vividly remember my first ocean experience as a kid. It was a family vacation in New Smyrna Beach, FL. Seeing the waves crash into the shoreline was unlike anything I had ever seen before. I was nervous, but I convinced myself that it wasn’t a big deal. I thought about the countless people that play in those waves every day and come out just fine. I figured it was totally, or at least mostly, safe. So I dove in. 

When I came up for air, I was immediately pummeled by the next wave that had made its way in. I hadn’t anticipated that. Stumbling and gasping for air, I collected myself and regained my footing, only to be struck by another wave and knocked off my feet. This process repeated itself two more times before I was able to crawl away from the waves’ reach to catch my breath. Needless to say, I didn’t step foot back in the ocean for the remainder of our vacation.

That feeling of, “It’ll all be fine…it’s not a big deal,” but then being unexpectedly and repeatedly struck by the relentless force of those waves is in some ways similar to how we’ve all felt as things have transpired over the past few weeks. Every day, as we grapple with this global pandemic, the hits seem to keep coming. It makes you wonder how, or even if, they’ll ever stop.  

As an industry, we’re being struck as hard as any other. Bars and restaurants face shutdowns. Airports are ghost towns. Meetings and events are canceling. Some hotels are closing their doors completely. Employees are being required to work remotely and many are losing their jobs. It’s all happening so quickly.

At myDigitalOffice, we’ve noticed that our customers seem to be doubling down on the adoption of our platform. Daily usage and engagement is skyrocketing. This reiterates what our team already believes (but hey, it’s always nice when the data supports the theory, right?)… that MDO truly empowers hoteliers to take better care of their assets which, in turn, allows them to better support their employees and their customers.

This is a challenging time in so many ways. Our team at MDO takes pride in the fact that our platform is helping our customers navigate this crazy mess that we’re in. So, to our customers, we look forward to helping you defeat this invisible enemy known as COVID-19. And for those who we’ve yet to have had the opportunity to support, when you’re ready, we hope for the opportunity to do the same for you.

If you’d like to learn more, simply grab time on my calendar and let’s discuss. But whether it’s now or later, we at myDigitalOffice wish you luck, health, and happiness. We’ll look forward to connecting down the road.

-Matt Curry |
Chief Revenue Officer, myDigitalOffice

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