Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day 2021, which takes place on Thursday April 22, prompts hoteliers across the globe to take a step back and focus on what we can do to give back to our Earth. Nowadays, 73% of travelers prefer an eco-sustainable hotel rather than a traditional one. Booking.com says eco-travel is on the rise all over the world.

As more & more hoteliers are focusing on how their hotels can ‘go green’ – we wanted to share some stats with you.

This illustration shows what customers of myDigitalOffice’s myDocs and Paperless Night Audit solutions were able to conserve in 2020.

By taking your back office process paperless you can: Add green business processes to your workflow to eliminate paper, toner, printing cartridges, boxes, storage and all the related waste and emissions – all while saving valuable time and money for your staff and property.

As we head back towards ‘normal’, hoteliers need to be prepared to welcome back their guests with open arms – but also limited staff and budgets.

A document management system eliminates the need for analog records and paper-based data storage. This solution isn’t just time-conscious, it’s also eco-conscious. The benefits are not only great for the planet, your portfolio will also benefit from your decision to go paperless.

To learn more about myDocs and Paperless Night Audit, click here or, reach out to our team at hello@mydigitaloffice.com to set up a demo!

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