Hospitality Industry Must-Reads: MDO Unveils The 10 Most Visited Resources of 2023

Explore the forefront of innovation in the hospitality industry and discover what drove hoteliers to MDO in 2023.

In the tireless pursuit of innovation, hospitality industry professionals are constantly seeking strategies and insights to leap ahead while maintaining complex operations around the clock. 

As we dive into the dynamic landscape of 2023, MDO’s curated resources emerge as indispensable guides for hotel owners, operators, and brands. From deciphering key performance indicators to understanding the evolving role of the hotel night auditor, each release encapsulates a wealth of knowledge crucial for success in the fast-paced realm of hospitality.

1. Data-Driven Strategies to Move Beyond Rooms Revenue

Discover leading strategies that go beyond traditional revenue streams. This special report delves into comprehensive approaches to revenue maximization, offering best-in-class practices that help you account for each piece of your 2024 revenue puzzle and optimize them.

2. The Definitive Guide to Hotel Forecasting in 2023

Explore the nuances of hotel forecasting with expert guidance that unravels the complexities of predicting demand and optimizing resources. This special report equips hoteliers with the tools needed to navigate an ever-changing market.

3. Adopting Automation to Improve Operational Efficiency

In 2023, a strong consensus formed across the hospitality industry: Automation is key to enhancing operational efficiency. Dive into this resource to understand how hotel technology can streamline processes, reduce costs, and ultimately elevate the guest experience.

4. MDO Extends Leadership Position in Hotel Business Intelligence and Back Office Automation with Acquisition of HelloGM

Hoteliers paid close attention as MDO reinforced its leadership in business intelligence and back-office automation. This acquisition marks a strategic move toward providing unified and even more comprehensive solutions for the hospitality sector.

5. Hotel STR, ADR, and RevPAR Explained

Demystify key performance indicators in the hotel industry. This resource breaks down hospitality’s own alphabet soup, providing a clear understanding of metrics crucial for assessing a hotel’s success.

6. Evolution of the Hotel Night Auditor Role

Explore the changing landscape of the hotel night auditor role. This insightful piece discusses the evolving responsibilities and significance of the night auditor in the modern hospitality setting.

7. The Lodging Conference: Staffing Challenges Are Reaching a Breaking Point

Before we flip the calendar year, let’s unpack the staffing challenges you and countless hoteliers faced in 2023. This resource examines the current state of staffing and suggests strategies for overcoming the breaking point in workforce shortages.

8. In 2023, Luxury Resorts Are the Place to Be

Experience the allure of luxury resorts in 2023. This resource explores the trends and features that make luxury resorts the preferred destination, providing insights into the evolving preferences of discerning travelers.

9. 5 Lessons Learned at the 2023 Hotel Data Conference

Sum up the year with lessons learned at the 2023 Hotel Data Conference. This article distills key takeaways, offering valuable insights into emerging trends and best practices that emerged from this industry-leading event.

10. Data Visualization Powers Mandarin Oriental’s BI Strategy

Learn how data centralization and visualization became the linchpin of Mandarin Oriental’s commercial strategy, demonstrating its transformative influence on strategic decision-making. Gain real insights to how MDO’s bespoke business intelligence platform impacted the revenue operations of a leading player in global luxury accommodations.

Sparking Innovation: Curated Resources that Inform and Inspire Hospitality Industry Pros

We believe that your next success begins with a spark. In the fast-paced world of hotel technology, where success hinges on staying informed, you need reliable resources that demystify the seemingly complex and simplify steps to implementing proven strategies. We promise to deliver just that. 

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