Hoteliers + The MAPP Report: Customer Success Stories

The MAPP Report (Market Analytics, Pace & Performance), by myDigitalOffice, helps hoteliers navigate today’s uncharted landscape and make more strategic, well-informed, data-backed business decisions using future business on the books data from various markets.

The Need:

A tool to help accelerate recovery from the effects of COVID-19. Hotels and management companies need the ability to make faster and better-informed decisions to get ahead of the recovery curve. Easily accessible and real-time insights into forward looking hotel bookings data are key for hoteliers to identify future market recovery trends in real time.

The Solution:

With the MAPP Report, by myDigitalOffice, hoteliers are able to benchmark their hotels’ bookings pace, rate, and revenue performance against their respective markets, identify future demand patterns sooner, and adjust go-to-market strategies with forward-looking performance metrics.

The Benefits:

We asked a few of our customers currently using the MAPP Report how it has changed their day to day… below are their responses.

“Participation in the MAPP report is a no brainer. We gladly report into the MAPP because it helps us see how the markets we serve are doing from a forecast and on the books perspective. In today’s climate, there is no crystal ball but the MAPP has helped our team validate some of our own assumptions in booking patterns in addition to helping us benchmark where we should be for more traditional metrics. Our industry has great retroactive reporting, but there is little that helps us truly see what’s coming down the pipe — this helps greatly. At the end of the day, the more participants in this level of reporting, the more data that we, as a collective hospitality community, have to make better decisions.”

-Chuck Jones
Vice President, PeachState Hospitality

“The MAPP report gives a quick snapshot of day to day movement of our business. Data like this becomes very valuable in the current state of the hospitality industry.”

-Kurt Gyalog
Director of Revenue Management, LBA Hospitality

As we do not currently employ an automated BI system that coalesces the on the books data for our 39 hotels, this has helped tremendously by giving us that automated insight.  As we navigate the challenges of the current environment, doing more with less, this helps us to maximize the time available to our GMs and Revenue Team; it’s one less manual task to have to worry about.”   

-Jerrod Jackson
Vice President of Revenue Management, ZMC Hotels

To see how your hotels are stacking up to their respective markets with future business on the books data, opt in your hotels to the MAPP report today via the following link.
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