Labor Day Weekend Occupancy Sees Highest Week-Over-Week Spike

New data from the MAPP report shows a recent spike in hotel occupancy levels for the upcoming Labor Day holiday.

As seen below, for several weeks, we couldn’t seem to get out of the 15% – 17% range. But, over the last few days, levels have climbed to nearly 20%. As the shorter-than-normal booking windows seem to continue, we expect, and hope, for this number to continue to climb over the next two weeks.

Labor Day weekend aside, we’re also tracking weekly trends in business on the books for the current and next few months.

– As of this week, total occupancy for the month of August has reached 30%.

– September and October occupancy levels remain low, again, pointing to the continuation of very short term booking windows

– October ADR is highest of the three target months… it’ll be interesting to see if that holds, the closer we get to fall.

Looking at this data by class, as of this week (8/18):

– Midscale class showing the highest occupancies for August

– Economy class showing the highest occupancies for September & October

– Upscale and Upper Upscale hotel occupancy, for the month of October, has dropped slightly each week


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