myDigitalOffice Unveils Rapid Annual Growth As Hospitality Tech Sector Accelerates

It’s been an incredible year for our company in terms of international expansion, revenue growth, product innovation and meeting the demand in the hospitality tech sector.

This month, myDigitalOffice solutions were implemented in our 2000th hotel and we welcomed our 5000th user. We’ve positively impacted the hospitality industry by bringing sustainability initiatives and digital transformation to the hotel back office.

Today’s press release outlines several of the growth milestones we achieved this year. Among them:

  • We welcome Sudhir Menon, formerly of Hilton, as our Chief Technology Officer. He’ll be leading myDigitalOffice platform development through the Series A growth we announced in September of this year.
  • As part of our annual resource replenishment and reforestation program tied to our Paperless Night Audit solution, myDigitalOffice will plant 2,000 trees in 2020 – one for every customer property.

“2020 brings more growth. We’ve validated our product-market fit and developed a repeatable implementation process. We’re innovating the industry for a greener future, pioneering sustainability initiatives and engraining them in the back office business processes automated by our cloud solutions.”

Ali Moloo, Founder and CEO, myDigitalOffice

Read the full press release here.

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