NYC Luxury Hotel Uses Demand Data to Shape Staffing

Cormac Daly, Lotte Palace NY

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Realtime data and reports helps Cormac Daly, Rooms Operations Manager at the Lotte New York Palace, match inventory to staffing levels and understand future demand patterns.


“A big thing I look at day to day are our pace and pickup reports, just to see how we’re trending for future months, especially 1-4 months ahead. And that just gives us a better chance for staffing. I control our inventory, so it helps us manage our labor expenses now, which has become more important for us since COVID,” Daly says. “Seeing those trends helps us forecast and budget better for upcoming years. Obviously right now there’s still a lot of uncertainty in the market for future years, so it is still a little bit unpredictable on how to budget, but it definitely helps us to see these patterns.”

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