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Better serve your guests and market

When hoteliers meet the needs of the market in these times, everyone is happier. While every business has an end goal of revenue or profit, guest experience is just as important for hoteliers. Guests have the valuable power of referring other guests, and positive referrals are one of the best ways to market any business, especially when serving a more localized market. Hoteliers who take a data-based approach to their strategy and actions and utilize an IMS powered by automation and AI will be best positioned to better serve guests and have a higher amount of that coveted referral business.

A high level of guest satisfaction and referral business starts with the right strategy and execution. A modern IMS allows for digitized and real-time data access to people across the organization on any device, enabling seamless data sharing across departments, increasing transparency, and unites information into a centralized hub for easy management. An IMS like myDigitalOffice that synthesizes your data on RevPAR, ADR, promotional rates, marketing, sales, support, infrastructure, and more, with industry insights, and provides analytics, is the best way to forecast guest demand as accurately as possible, which is ‘the question of the hour’ and the foundation for many business and operational decisions. A good forecast should draw data from both internal and external sources and allows hoteliers to better determine pricing, distribution methods, adjust their staff capacity and tasks, and implement the appropriate measures to best serve their guests.

A modern IMS like myDigitalOffice allows hoteliers to come to the best possible forecast while also automating back office tasks. It gives hoteliers the best tool to approach and manage their business while helping free up a lean staff to focus on more complex time-critical tasks, or guest needs and requirements.  A modern IMS can handle mundane tasks like night audits and frees up employees to focus on higher-value, high-touch tasks by enhancing their knowledge, performance, and the guest experience.

Employee satisfaction is also important. When you allow staff to focus on higher-impact work and not have to worry about mundane low-impact tasks a study by Starfleet Research in partnership with Oracle Hospitality has stated that employee satisfaction increases by 86%. When employees are happier, engaged, and empowered, they have a vested interest in the hotel’s goal to make the guest experience as positive as possible.

"following our move to myDigitalOffice, our net promoter score rose 8.25%. We simply have more time to devote to the guest experience”

“Our team at myDigitalOffice is focused on making recovery as painless as possible. We know that it is a slow moving and constantly changing process, which makes decision making difficult, but we hope that our tools provide hoteliers the data they need at the opportune moment to come out of this stronger than before",

Increases operational efficiencies

Hoteliers have always sought to have efficient operations, but now that they are currently having to work with an extremely lean staff it’s become more important than ever. Your hotel will operate more efficiently and provide a better guest experience when your lean team is empowered, on the same page, and has the tools to get things done effectively. Hoteliers who will come out ahead of the recovery curve are freeing up staff with automation tools and leveraging cloud-based IMS’s powered by AI for both short and long-term growth.

Best-in-class IMS’s are cloud-based, cost effective, add value to every part of your business, and can substantially contribute to sustainability goals. The setup process should not be lengthy, it should not require additional hardware or backup solutions, and the company you use should automatically update or fix any software bugs. Additionally, a modern cloud-based IMS allows hoteliers to not only automate certain processes but also manage documents.

An example is the Paperless Night Audit feature by myDigitalOffice. Paperless Night Audit automates the distribution of the right reports to the right teams on time using workflow. It reduces the cost of physical storage to $0, speeds up the external audit prep process, eliminates the need for GM’s to post/send paperwork, and allows hoteliers to automatically comply with records-keeping time-based rules for storage of night audit reports. The digitization of an IMS like myDigitalOffice provides for night audits and other reports to support sustainability initiatives and the automated indexing of documents ensures compliance, makes retrieval easy, saves staff time, and reduces the margin of error from manual processing. Hotel analytics, back office processes, and some operations must be digitized for hotels to keep up and
grow in today’s hospitality and travel ecosystem. Automation and AI technologies are at the core of the new tech stacks in every industry and hospitality is no exception. It has the potential to transform almost every facet of your hospitality business to deliver better returns, operational processes, and guest experiences. Automation, when thoughtfully applied to a hotel operation, can unlock more revenue opportunities, boost staff productivity and happiness, increase guest satisfaction, and generally make an
the operation runs more smoothly and profitably.

An automated IMS powered by AI will not only help keep hoteliers competitive and at the forefront of the Covid-19 recovery curve, but also provide best-in-class tools that are updated automatically, and position hoteliers for long-term success.

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