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The Definitive Guide to Hotel Forecasting in 2023

Annual budgeting is no longer enough, and hoteliers today are updating their forecasts on a weekly and sometimes daily basis, looking as far as a year out. This report takes a deep dive into the right portfoliowide analytics that will help owners and operators make sense of a dynamic forecasting environment. Read five areas of focus for hoteliers looking to produce more accurate demand and financial forecasts in 2023.

Special Report: Your Guide to Migrating Data and Documents to the Cloud

Data is the new gold, and hoteliers today can use deep analysis on their own business, coupled with new third-party data sources, to make more profitable decisions and drive an improved guest experience. 

The first step is centralizing your portfoliowide data, documents and reports in a secure cloud environment that is easily accessible by key stakeholders.

HOTSTATS - Hospitality Intelligence: FUTURE FIGURES: U.S. Hotel Budgeting 2023

Budgeting is a necessary though time-intensive period in which a hotel assesses the upcoming year’s goals, threats, and opportunities, diluting it all down into a prediction of revenue against the expense.

It’s not always an exact science. An element of assumption is part of the exercise, but richer data that goes well beyond RevPAR is available to help hoteliers make shrewder budgetary calls.

Marriott International - SERVE 360 REPORT: Environmental, Social, and Governance Progress

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