Simple Steps to Digital Adoption & Automation in Hotel Operations

In an era of rising operational costs and sustained labor challenges, operational efficiency in hotel back offices has become paramount. There are simple steps to automating many aspects of a hotel back office that will drive efficiencies, reduce costs, and decrease your hotel’s environmental footprint.

Join a panel of hotel operations leaders to learn more about the benefits of going digital, see a demo of our digital document management solution, and learn how easy it is to get started.


  • Automate processes: Remove manual data entry and reporting work at the property and corporate level.
  • Drive savings: Discover substantial cost savings over paper document storage and manual in-person auditing processes, as well as on ink and paper.
  • Improve sustainability: Accelerate your journey to a more sustainable future through a proven reduction in a property’s environmental footprint.
  • Provide security: Remain in constant audit compliance by storing financial documents in an easily accessible and searchable location.

Kyle McCaig

Director of Technology Service Delivery, MCR Hotels

Jason Freed

Hospitality Data Evangelist, MDO

Rory Sampair

Solutions Engineer, MDO