Digital Access to All Your Hotel Documents

Adopt a standardized Paperless Night Audit process that centralizes access to key documents, ensures audit compliance, and reduces their environmental footprint. 

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Embrace a Paperless Back Office

Trust Your Data is Secure

Automate Workflows for Efficiency

Key Benefits

Centralized Access to Data

Store all of your hotel’s daily reports in a secure cloud environment that is indexed for instant access by key stakeholders across departments.

Eliminate Paper Processes

Eliminate the practice of printing and storing end-of-day reports, saving significant paper and ink costs as well as drive your Corporate Social Responsibility efforts.

Audit Compliance Tracking

Adopt signature workflows and audit compliance monitoring, which automatically identifies missing reports and signatures.

Night Audit Standardization

Implement a standard night audit process across each property in your portfolio, irrespective of brand affiliation.

Let us build a personalized digital document management solution for you.

“The manual processes of printing, storing, and sending reports were inefficient. Now, we’re not having to print reports, we’re getting things done digitally. With the reductions in accounting staff in our industry, this time saver is huge.”

Rob Smith

Chief Financial Officer, Crescent Hotels & Resorts

“The ability to work with the data is critical. Our data is no longer static. We’re able to see data in real time and react to the changing world with data-backed decisions.”
Brian Fry-1

Brian Fry

President, Commonwealth Hotels
“We have centralized so much. We want our managers to do more than just sit and do paperwork.”
Travis Murray-2

Travis Murray

President , McNeill Hotel Company

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