Analytics to Build Your Commercial Strategy

myRevenue turns your siloed sales, marketing, and pricing data into the insights you need to make better commercial decisions. As a result, you can focus on outpacing your competition.

How We Help

We free you from menial tasks, so you can conquer the world.

Save Time

The average hotelier spends 96 workdays per year compiling complex manual reports. Imagine what you could accomplish if you reclaimed this time.

Make Money

Targeted data + faster decisions = increased profit. Generate higher topline revenues while saving $85K+ per year on labor expense.

Find Peace of Mind

When was the last time you were truly off the clock? By automating your insights, you can go on vacation or unplug for the weekend without letting down your team.


Powerful dashboards allow you to quickly identify areas that need further analysis.


Quickly jump from high to low as you identify key trends.


Daily executive summaries allow you to share recent pickup and other key trends without having to lift a finger.


Track marketing results and connect the right offer with the right audience.


In-platform communication features allow you to optimize your strategies across all disciplines.


Run your strategy meetings directly from the platform to retain insights and improve accountability.


Why now?

If you're like 99% of your peers, you've been asked to do more with less in the past year. Complexed roles are here to stay, and it is simply not feasible to run manual reports for multiple hotels.

What type of data does myRevenue use?

We integrate data from your property management system, rate shopping platform, forecasting and budgeting tools, and e-commerce platforms. This isn't simply copy/paste, we're combining these datasets in new ways to create novel insights.

Will I have pace data on day one?

Yes, across all dimensions (market segments, channels, companies, rate plans, geographic origin, etc.).

Why spend the money when Excel is "free"?

With 40% of your time spent compiling static reports, there is little left over for analysis and strategy formulation. Your marketplace changes too quickly to be reliant on weekly or monthly reports.

Why can't I do this myself in PowerBI or Tableau?

Many have tried, but few have succeeded. We consistently hear from teams that went down this path before realizing the technical complexity was just too great. Additionally, between licensing costs and development talent, it'll take you $250K+ to get started. If total customization is what you're after, we also provide bespoke development services.

Why myRevenue instead of one of your competitors?

Our competitors focus on aggregating data. We focus on extracting insights from your data and helping you to share them throughout your organization as quickly as possible.

How much do you cost?

We'll generally save you 90% compared to hiring someone to run reports for you.

How long will it take to implement myRevenue BI?

Most of our hotels are live within 2-3 weeks.

5,000 +

Properties using myDigitalOffice