Data-driven Strategies to Move Beyond Rooms Revenue

Hotel owners and operators have shifted from topline data collection and analysis to making more decisions around driving bottom line margins. Understanding labor and amenity costs, analyzing non-room revenue trends, and centralizing data from all revenue sources is arming hospitality leadership with the right data to make more profitable decisions.

The Definitive Guide to Hotel Forecasting in 2023

Annual budgeting is no longer enough, and hoteliers today are updating their forecasts on a weekly and sometimes daily basis, looking as far as a year out. This report takes a deep dive into the right portfoliowide analytics that will help owners and operators make sense of dynamic forecasting environment. Read five areas of focus for hoteliers looking to produce more accurate demand and financial forecasts in 2023.

Your Guide to Migrating Data and Documents to the Cloud

As a hotel owner or operator, there are numerous struggles with the outdated practice of printing night audit reports. These reports are causing your hotels to print hundreds, or even thousands, of documents each night. This process is not only inefficient but also harmful to the environment.

Hotel Data Strategy: Your Guide to Migrating Data and Documents to the Cloud

Today’s innovative hotel operators think of cloud storage as the “blocking and tackling” of their data strategy. The first phase of creating a comprehensive data strategy is to move your data storage and management into the cloud. Doing so ensures you can; Increase efficiency through automation, Remain in compliance and Reduce your environmental footprint.