The Grammy’s for Hotel Technology

We’re looking for honest feedback and reviews from our customers to help improve the user experience and to help others make better decisions when purchasing hotel back-office software.

Help make us even better by leaving a review on Hotel Tech Report. We value your input to let us know what you love, and what you want more of. 

Your time is precious

There are demands on your time, so the review will only take about two-and-a-half minutes. We’re going for short and sweet! Our goal is to get as many customer reviews as possible before December 31, 2019, so there’s no time like the present!

Try these review-writing shortcuts

  1. Reviews are anonymous, but you’ll need to self-identify on the backend to ensure all reviews are authentic. Before you start, sign into LinkedIn to circumvent the name/email input with a simple button click
  2. Go to the myDigitalOffice page on Hotel Tech Report
  3. To ensure your review is anonymous, click the checkbox in the green and white feature on the right side of the page
  4. Select a star rating. Five stars is the highest rating and the easiest to click
  5. Write two sentences on what you like about myDigitalOffice by filling in these blanks: “myDigitalOffice has enabled my team and I to __________ and ______ instead of ____________ and ________. This alone has resulted in ________ and __________.”
  6. Write two sentences on what can be improved by filling in these blanks: “The _____ and _____ features are beneficial, but could probably be improved by _________. Then I could ____________.”
  7. Write a title by copying the title of your favorite workout song, then changing some of the words to make it fit hotel technology.

Objective, independent and credible

Tech Report is sort of like the Grammy’s for Hotel Technology. We like that it’s an independent user review site for hotel technology solutions, a helpful resource for hoteliers, and a credible tool for evaluating the options.

We appreciate your honest feedback. If you have any questions about the Hotel Tech Report review process, please let us know!

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