The Green Hotelier

Sustainability initiatives aimed at reducing water and energy, as well as increasing recycling rates, are more crucial to the hospitality industry than ever before. Sustainability is what guests are looking for, what owners are looking for and what developers are looking for. Small changes create exponential impact from our local communities to the global stage. April 2018 is the 48th Anniversary of Earth Month, and the perfect time to talk about how we all can contribute to dec reased and sustainable impact on our planet.

The Benefits of Green Business

Sustainability and Green initiatives are crucial to all businesses, in hospitality, property development and beyond.  Today’s top-rated hotel is not only accommodating and well-staffed—it’s also green. As customers have become increasingly environment-conscious, hotels are following suit by integrating various sustainability measures. Hospitality executives should know that going green will not only attract customers; sustainability initiatives often eliminate waste and generate cost savings. Of course, the biggest perk of a green hotel is that it takes a smaller toll on the environment.

Why Should the Hospitalitty Industry Care? 
Let us start by giving you a reason to care about green hospitality. A sustainable hotel takes care of the planet by consuming less resources and avoiding toxic waste. Therefore, our planet’s wellbeing a huge ethical driver for sustainability in the hospitality industry. If that doesn’t convince you, let’s talk business. Millenials are about to become (or already are) your biggest customer base, and they want to patronize properties that align with their values. In fact, most millenials are willing to pay more for sustainable offerings.

The Right Strategy for Hoteliers

So how exactly do you make your property more planet-friendly? If you think the only method is to place “save the planet” placards on every bathroom counter, you’re missing out. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you on your way towards becoming a greener hotelier. Download the guide now.

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