When Spreadsheets Attack

Excel spreadsheets are beloved by anyone busting out a financial model, an annual budget or a business forecast.

Problem is, the pervasive business tool is now host to weaponized phishing campaigns with the payload being the dreaded Necurs botnet. Spreadsheets spreading malware – or worse – is now a thing.

Necurs is a Trojanized virus, and the newest version leverages Excel as it’s key to your most sensitive data. It can even claim full remote access to your PC, leaving you, your business, your accounts and your customers’ data, at its mercy. Here’s what you need to know:

Put the accounts payable team at each hotel on high alert

This virus may arrive as an email with subject line “Overdue Invoice” or “Unpaid Invoice.” The Necurs botnet may even appear as if it’s coming from someone inside your company (kind of like that Free Viagra email last year) and always contains an attachment – an .IQY file. Clicking on the attachment downloads the malware, which then gives hackers total access to the machine. Other subject lines have been known to include the words bank, solution, cash, finance, insurance, billing and credit.

Put secure hospitality finance systems into place

The goal is to protect sensitive data and systems without compromising efficiency and performance. There are a few solutions. Yes, you explain the scenario above to your team as it’s the most common way the malware is spread. You should make sure your staff has enabled a security warning prompt for downloads and remote data. Recipients can first verify with the supposed sender before opening and/or downloading. Make it mandatory for staff to use Protected Views. Why not use a cost-effective purpose-built SaaS solution and completely eliminate the threat of malware-spreading spreadsheets?

Implement better, efficient systems, processes and solutions

High performance hospitality companies don’t have time to waste creating processes around bug-ridden software and faulty tools that compromise security. Bring consistency, reliability and efficiency to your hotel back office with cost-effective, easy-to-use performance management tools. myDigitalOffice solutions help you to:

  • Enhance efficiency. Eliminate puzzling, time-sucking inconsistencies with centralized systems and processes.
  • Automate workflow. Enhance accountability, controls and standardization while reducing costs of printing, storing, and more.
  • Predict staffing needs. Track booked business for optimal staff and labor planning using real time data.
  • Stay compliant. Digital signatures and time stamps ensure regulatory and SOC compliance for all REITs and hotels.

With transparent monthly pricing, no investment in infrastructure needed, 24/7 support and free cloud strange, why wait? Solution pricing starts as low as $150/month! Request your demo here.

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